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It's been almost 2 weeks since we contacted Apple about the Copyright Infringement of Achilles Defense by PTT-Solution, and we still have no answer from them, and probably never will. Maybe Apple doesn't have time to answer emails...

Achilles Defense... no more?

We are glad to report that PTT-Solution decided to remove the copycat game Achilles Defense from the appstore, they also took down the achillesdefense.com webpage and renamed their @achillesdefense twitter account.

Achilles Defense (Clash RIP-OFF)

The dark side of game development strikes back. It is very sad for us to report that our game Clash of the Olympians has been cloned and published in the appstore as Achilles Defense by PTT Solutions.

Clash of the Olympians goes Mobile!

Hold onto your pants guys, cause Clash of the Olympians have first class tickets to the iPhone/iPad rollercoaster. We started to port the game in collaboration with our friends at Suricata Games. Stay tuned for more news about this!!!

Ironhide has a webpage

Also a tweeter and a facebook page. Here is our very own custom made webpage (yes we come from the web industry). Hope you like it. We will be improving it as needed.

Clash of the Olympians @ArmorGames

Clash of the Olympians is live on ArmorGames. The version on AG features all the improvents of version 1.5.5.And so far the feedback from the Armor community has been very good.Play Clash of the Olympians at Armor Games

Clash of the Olympians v1.5.5

Thank you everyone for the comments. We have updated Clash based on the players feedback. Now it should be easier to aim, players are able to replay levels and we balanced things a bit.

Clash of the Olympians @AGAME

Featuring 12 languages, 3 heroes, 6 special powers, 20 stages and a challenging endboss, Clash of the Olympians has been released at AGAME.COM!! We hope you like it as much as we did making it. Play Clash of the Olympians now!
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