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Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush: Open Beta!

It's been almost a year since we made the first post about "The Unnamed Defense Game" under development, and now we are very happy to announce that Kingdom Rush is finally on beta stage.
Kingdom Rush

Almost there!

Kingdom Rush is at the beauty shop getting all nice and clean for its release date, which is right at the corner of your friendly neighborhood.
Kingdom Rush

Meet the savages!

We are glad to tell you that Kingdom Rush is very close to release date! So we will introduce you to some of the evil scum that you´ll rejoice in killing.
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush!

We are very glad to announce Kingdom Rush is on beta stage, and we are showing some in game screenshots and a video trailer to celebrate.You can check the video at: www.KingdomRush.com.

Looking forward...

It's been almost 2 weeks since we contacted Apple about the Copyright Infringement of Achilles Defense by PTT-Solution, and we still have no answer from them, and probably never will. Maybe Apple doesn't have time to answer emails...

Achilles Defense... no more?

We are glad to report that PTT-Solution decided to remove the copycat game Achilles Defense from the appstore, they also took down the achillesdefense.com webpage and renamed their @achillesdefense twitter account.

Achilles Defense (Clash RIP-OFF)

The dark side of game development strikes back. It is very sad for us to report that our game Clash of the Olympians has been cloned and published in the appstore as Achilles Defense by PTT Solutions.
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