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Kingdom Rush

New Kingdom Rush Update!

A new devilish Kingdom Rush update just came out for Android and iOS devices! Filled with refreshing(hot) new content, two stages, two heroes, four enemies and the most evil boss you will face.
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers soon on Google Play!

The world's most devilishly addictive tower defense game is back and now available for Android - welcome to Kingdom Rush: Frontiers!Bigger and badder than ever before, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is a whole new level of the furiously fast,
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Release Day

Kingdom Rush Frontiers landed yesterday on iOS devices and we couldn't be happier!In many countries in Asia and Europe it took just a couple of hours for it to reach number 1 in "Top paid apps" for iPhone and iPad.
Kingdom Rush

Ashbite Preview

Hey people! We are just a week away from Kingdom Rush Frontiers big release day!!! Woohooo! And as a gift to you, we are introducing the terror of the Kingdom, the fury of the sky, the doom of all bad guy wannabes...
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers Launch Trailer!

Kingdom Rush Frontiers is right around the corner, are you ready for it?Defeat the evil which has risen by using a whole new set of elite towers and troops!Have you decided your hero of choice to guide your army to victory?
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Blackthorne

Ahoy, me hearties! Move your sea legs to the deck and prepare everything to welcome Captain Blackthorne, the most fearsome man in the whoknowshowmany seas! He will board your ship, he will take your grog, and he will definitely plunder yo
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Mirage

Hello boys and girls! It´s time for our weekly hero introduction! Today is the turn for our favorite fancy but deadly assassin, Mirage! Her hobbies include: shopping for bad guy's heads... getting a razor sharp kunai manicure...
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Frontiers: Alric

We are very close to releasing Kingdom Rush Frontiers, so to do a proper warm up we are introducing some of the new heroes you´ll be able to command!!! Today it´s Alric, the most fearsome warrior of these lands, a champion of Hammerhold a
Kingdom Rush

Prepare yourself!

Something is lurking beneath the earth... something dark... something deadly! Soon, you will face the darkness and unseen dangers of the Emberspike Depths. Watch your step! We´re not in Kansas anymore.
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