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Happy new year 2012!

2011 was a great year for the Ironhide team, we started the year working from a small room of the house of one of us, being pretty much unknown with an unnamed defense game halfway through development and 2 other flash games.
Kingdom Rush

It's the HORDE!

Goblins ahead!!! If you thought you got rid of them back at Linirea...well...think again! They´re back like Schwarzenegger and they ain't happy.
Kingdom Rush

I´ve got sand on my boots!

Rise 'n shine, prepare those sweatshirts cause god dammit is hot out there! What I would give for a clean bath and a cold beer! But that´s the least of your problems, here in the desert, it´s no man´s land.
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush TD Copycat Removed!

We are very glad to announce that Kingdom Rush TD by myYayi has been removed from the AppStore by Apple.AppStore Notices wrote to us saying:"We have removed the application named "Kingdom Rush TD" from the App Store.
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush stolen!

Yes...as the title says, Kingdom Rush has been stolen. On October 21 it came to our attention that there was a version of Kingdom Rush for sale on the Appstore by the name "Kingdom Rush TD" by my Yayi.

Fresh New Website!

Ladies and gentleman, Ironhide has a new site and guess what....it ROCKS!!! (at least for us it does :P)Check it out and if you are looking for some social action, join our forums and share your thoughts!
Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush: Open beta is over!

We would like to thank everyone who helped us test Kingdom Rush, the feedback has been great and very helpful. It allowed us to make several adjustments to the game and we believe it is much more enjoyable now.
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